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Our Story


About Fragrant Iris was born out of my personal frustration with ordering irises that were advertised as “fragrant”, then, after growing them for two years, finding that at least nine out of ten had virtually no discernable fragrance!

The Goal

I will be growing hundreds of iris varieties, each officially catalogued as having “pronounced fragrance”. I will cull any iris that does not actually prove to have a robust fragrance.

I will post photographs and detailed descriptions on this blog of the aroma of those varieties that pass the “fragrance test”.

My hope is that will become a trusted source for accurate, detailed photographs and descriptions of truly fragrant iris varieties.


About Me

On May 1, 1981 my wife and I were blessed to move onto forty acres of rolling sandhills that we were fortunate enough to acquire. It was forty acres of native grasses, sagebrush and yucca. No road, no electricity, no phones, no neighbors… And nothing man-made in sight except for a few barb-wire fences and natural gas wells.

To us, this was Heaven on earth! In the years since we’ve planted thousands of trees, shrubs and perennials. This little forty acres has become an Oasis in what was once the Great American Desert. And we have the wildlife to prove it.

For several years I made my living running a nursery and landscaping business on this property. Today my main business is tower climbing.

But as I consider a gradual retirement from that work I plan to ease back into what I really love… The nursery business. Specifically, irises.

And, so my search for Truly, Intensely Fragrant Irises begins…

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